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SCRAP OF ELECTRONIC - this is one of the main areas of our activity.

helios is the only company in the region that legally purchases all kinds of electronic scrap.

By selling electronic waste to us, you can be sure that it will be managed in accordance with the rules and principles of environmental protection.

The helios company, as one of the few in the region, concentrates on electronic waste.
But as the only one in the region, it conducts legal purchase of scrap electronic components.
Our specialization in one kind of raw materials and cooperation with recyclers in the European Union allows you to offer the highest prices for electronic scrap.

Our offer is primarily directed to:

  • services of electronic devices,
  • electrode disassembly plants,
  • as well as enthusiasts of repairs of electronic and computer devices, which are left with inefficient electronic components.

Currently, we only buy electronic scrap in the form of:

  • electronic printed circuit boards from all kinds of devices such as:
  • desktop computers,
  • car computers,
  • cell phones,
  • printing and copying devices
  • network devices (modems, routers, switch, etc.)
  • decoders,
  • televisions, radios, players
  • processors, RAM memory, integrated circuits
  • computer power supply, DVD, CD, FDD drives, HDD hard drives
  • mobile phones (without batteries)
  • wires
  • Chargers
  • electronic devices (laptops, desktop computers, network devices)
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