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Odpadami zajmujemy sie profesjonalnie i efektywnie

E-waste recykling helios

The beginning of helios recycling it's 2007

the following years saw the gradual development and obtaining further permits for waste management, from its transport, through its collection, to the opening of a waste electrical and electronic equipment processing plant in 2017

What we do

helios recykling operates in the field of waste management. Our activities are guided by business principles, but also by responsibility for the environment.
We do it because of our own beliefs, education, but also the belief that if everyone starts protecting the environment from themselves, we will achieve the goal of preserving the Earth for our children.

WEEE collection point

ZSEiE is an abbreviation of "Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment", which means the so-called electronic waste.

Helios Phone

This is a term used to describe used, unnecessary or damaged electrical and electronic devices, such as refrigerators, washing machines, telephones, fluorescent lamps, light bulbs, televisions, irons, telephones, drills and others that are powered by electricity or batteries.

Zakład Przetwarzania ZSEE
ul. Anny Walentynowicz 9
    (dawniej Lucyny Herc)
20-328 Lublin

Skup złomu elektronicznego

Processors, RAM, printed circuit boards, hard drives, power supplies, drives, mobile phones, car computers, laptops, computers, switches, routers...

Helios Component

An important aspect is the proper handling of such waste, because it may contain valuable materials such as precious metals (gold, silver, copper), which can be recovered and reused. At the same time, incorrect disposal may lead to environmental pollution with toxic substances

Distant purchase

Electronic waste can be sent to us by courier at your own expense.


Simple procedure:

  • you fill out the form
  • you send the goods by courier
  • we verify/classify the goods
  • you receive payment by bank transfer

The offer applies only to electronic scrap!

company details

helios recykling 
Lidia Skubisz
ul. Chabrowa 6A/3
20-834 Lublin

NIP: 795 199 92 48
REGON: 060 189 4400
NR GIOŚ: E000 9476 ZPR
NR BDO: 000 001 837

working hours


our location

Zakład Przetwarzania ZSEE
ul. Anny Walentynowicz 9
    (dawniej Lucyny Herc)
20-328 Lublin