Helios Recykling i Utylizacja Odpadów - Utylizacja


fast and effective

We accept free electoral waste in Lublin at ul. Lucyny Herc 9 (INSTAL area)

We collect and transfer used mercury-containing light sources for disposal to specialized install

We collect and accept all kinds of waste of cleaners, sorbents, work clothes used in every workpl

Industrial waste is waste generated in the course of an economic activity, partly inevitable.

We offer collection and management of expired medicines, which have been increasing rapidly in re

We collect chemicals and their mixtures from schools, universities and laboratories for the purpose of utilization.

DISPOSAL OF WASTE - this is a very broad broad concept, which is why we presented the most popular waste groups above.

However, if your waste does not fall into any of the above groups, please contact us for details.

We will certainly solve the problem of their development.