• We care about the environment
  • We buy electronic scrap
  • Electronic scrap collection
  • We recycle expired medicines
  • we collect chemicals
  • We collect paint/adhesives cans
  • We collect used batteries
  • Computer keyboards

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We deal with waste professionally and effectively

We offer collection and management of waste

We accept free electoral waste in Lublin at ul. Lucyny Herc 9 (INSTAL area)

We offer collection and management of waste such as: expired chemicals, expired drugs, mercury th

SCRAP OF ELECTRONIC - this is one of the main areas of our activity.

helios is the only company in the region that legally purchases all kinds of electronic scrap.

By selling electronic waste to us, you can be sure that it will be managed in accordance with the rules and principles of environmental protection.

You will not find such social, office and sanitary containers anywhere!

helios recycling

Helios recycling operates in the field of waste management. In our activities, we are guided by business principles, but also by our responsibility for the environment.
We do it because of our beliefs, education but also belief that if everyone starts to protect the environment from each other, we will achieve the goal of preserving the Earth for our children.
Therefore, if we can not deal with your waste, we advice were and how you can do it.

Helios recycling started in 2007, the following years are successive development and obtaining further permits for waste management using our transport, through their collection and in 2017 we opened our own plant of a waste electrical and electronic equipment processing.
The waste electrical and electronic equipment treatment plant is located in Lublin at ul. Lucyny Herc 9 (INSTAL-LUBLIN site), as part of it, we run a POINT OF COLLECTION OF USED ELECTRIC AND ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT, in which both residents and companies can leave any type of electro-waste free of charge, being sure that they will be managed in accordance with regulations and rules environmental protection.

At ul. Lucyna Herc 9 in Lublin we also purchase ELECTRONIC SCRAP in the form of used, damaged electronic components.